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Here are a couple of pictures of my doggies, Dino, Rudy, Willie, and Henry.  This picture is from 2002, and only Willie is left now.  We lost Rudy March 30, 2003.  However, we banked his DNA to maybe clone someday, so, he might be 'back'!


Group portrait


Dino going Trick-or-Treating


Rudy loved sushi

I have a new dog now, Melton.

Melton was a rescue dog from Alexandria, LA.  When he was found he had a broken hind leg, mange and heartworms. 

He's 'aright now, but does walk with a limp!


I am very active in the search for extraterrestrial life, SETI.

Here's my profile at SETI.

I am currently running the client on 21 machines, including 13 that I built expressly for that purpose,  called a SETI 'stack'.

My current processing power devoted to the project is over 500 Gigaflops. 



                                       Setistack, as of 12/2010.  Comprised of 3-Q9550's, 2-Q9300's, 6-Q6600's, and 2-Q9400's.  I have recently shifted some of my processing to the QMC (Quantum Monte Carlo) project.  QMC is a large class of computer algorithms that simulate quantum systems with the idea of solving the quantum many-body problem.  In chemistry, in principle, it allows us to predict the structure and reactivity of all molecules. 




I'm a big fan of Elton John.  I've seen him in Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham (twice), Tupelo, Biloxi, Jackson, MS and most recently

in Sheffield, UK.  I have been lucky enough to have front row seats twice, and to get this close to him.  A pic: 


I'm the guy on the left.  


I live in Jackson, MS, in a house coming up on it's 100th birthday.  The house was formally occupied by a

Major Frederick Sullens,  the editor and half owner of the Jackson Daily News.

He called it the 'Rockpile'


I built a greenhouse and started raising orchids in 2009.  My company is Fondren Orchids.  I hope to have plants for sell starting in 2011. 


I have always been interested in chemistry, and wanted to know more about it.  After buying a textbook and reading it I decided to get a formal education and enrolled at Mississippi College, majoring in chemistry.  I'm only taking one class at a time, however, so it may take me a while to graduate!


Bill Taylor

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